Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Background

Thanksgiving Background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanksgiving break is finally here! Time to take a break from school and catch up with friends and family. However, my Thanksgiving will be different from previous Thanksgivings in various ways this year. First, I have a lot of homework to do over break. My big papers and projects are due the week I get back from break. In that case, it will be a very busy break for me. Thankfully, I have no other plans over break so I will have plenty of time to catch up.

Unfortunately, I will not be spending with holidays with any of my family members. Due to my current job, I am unable to call of work a couple of days to go out-of-town. I usually go with my family to Branson, MO every year to shop on black friday and explore Silver Dollar City. I find out if I got the days off I requested, but it is highly doubtful. In that case, my closest friend has invited me over for her Thanksgiving feast so I will not be alone.

I am very thankful for such great friends in my life such as she. I am sad I will not be with my family over the holidays, but at least I will be making money for my trip to Australia in three weeks! I could not be anymore excited to spend a month with my boyfriend on the beach; talk about long distance! Overall, I am thankful for my family, boyfriend, and all other loved ones in my life. If it were not for them, I would not have so many wonderful things in my life.


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